Air Conditioning

Starting from as little as £45+VAT

Much like any other important system in your car, the air conditioning needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis to keep it running in good order. Most should be serviced every 18 months to 2 years to keep them working at their best and most efficient.

Over time there will be wear and tear on some of the components and they will therefore need to be replaced or repairing. As well as parts, you have a refrigerant in an air con system which over time gets lost from the system as no system is completely air tight they can lose up to about 15% of the gases per year so these will need to be topped up. We will of course check for major leaks as we service your Air conditioning.

An air conditioning service involves measuring the system pressure, checking for contamination and testing the quality of the refrigerant. If there is nothing wrong with the service it should take around an hour. Our technicians are specially qualified to work with air conditioning systems, we have ensured that all of our technicians are qualified and regularly update those qualifications, this helps us to maintain the highest standards and ensure that all checks are made properly.

The Full Service will include the following

  • A full system check
  • A full system evacuation
  • A complete re-gas and leak check, we will also check the compressor

The Air Conditioning Re-gas will include

  • A top up of the gas in the system