Fuel Treatment Services

Fuel Treatments

Does your vehicle not run right? Not as economical as it used to be?

Why not try one of our many fuel treatments to see if it can sort the problem first

Petrol Saver £34.99


Petrol Saver has been specifically formulated for vehicle owners looking for ways to save fuel and maximise vehicle economy, as a result of the current level of high fuel prices.

Petrol Saver is added to the fuel tank to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system, providing optimum fuel efficiency. Specifically formulated in response to consumers' needs to save fuel.

Advice: Petrol Saver should be used at six month intervals for maximum fuel economy.

Petrol Intake Cleaner £59.99

Air Intake Cleaner will remove sticky residue, caused by oil mist crankcase fumes, from air intake system components. These tar-like deposits build up on the idle speed control and butterfly valves leading to irregular airflow, lumpy tickover and poor driveability.

The Air Intake Cleaner is specifically formulated for modern vehicles.

Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment £34.99


Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment has been specifically formulated to combat driveability concerns caused by the by-products of combustion and the adverse effects of fuel degradation.

The treatment cleans and lubricates the whole of the fuel system both pre and post-combustion. It improves overall engine power and efficiency, as well as considerably reducing costly down time and component replacement in direct and indirect injection engines.

Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is compatible with common rail direct injection and Pumpe Duse diesel engines.

Disesel Turbo Cleaner £34.99


Diesel Turbo Cleaner is specifically formulated for vehicles fitted with Variable Geometry Turbos. Particles from incomplete combustion adhere to the variable vanes causing them to stick, reducing vehicle power and efficiency, resulting in an engine management fault.

Advice: Diesel Turbo Cleaner should be used at regular service intervals

Diesel Intake Cleaner £54.99

Cleans the Inlet, Manifold and Valves

Diesel Intake Cleaner has been specifically formulated for all diesel engines. It removes combustion residue and carbon deposits, which have contaminated the air intake via the EGR and crankcase ventilation system. These deposits lead to irregular airflow, poor driveability and reduced fuel efficiency.


Diesel Intake Cleaner should be used regularly during service in engines, which are sensitive to fouling of the air intake, or engines from which the frequency for regeneration of the particular trap is higher than normal.

Diesel Intake Cleaner will improve the function and efficiency of the exhaust gas after treatment systems including a Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction unit.

Engine Oil Flush £34.99


Engine Oil Flush is an improved blend of cleaning agents, dispersants and anti-wear agents with increased cleaning and moisture emulsification capabilities.

It is formulated to overcome the increased levels of contamination in modern high output tight tolerance engines caused by the effects of biodiesel and ethanol based fuels and exhaust gas after-systems.