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What is covered?

Depending on the terms, conditions, general exclusions and claim limits shown in this document, the Gold Warranty will cover the cost of repairing or replacing any of the parts of your vehicle that are listed below and that have failed as a result of a sudden or unexpected mechanical or electrical fault. Any part that needs replacing due to wear and tear is not covered.

Braking system

Brake master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake bias and restriction valve, vacuum servo, brake vacuum pump, ABS wheel sensors, ABS pump and ABS module.


Clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder and clutch fork. (Please remember that any part of the clutch that needs replacing due to wear and tear is not covered.)

Cooling system

Radiator, oil cooler, heater matrix, thermostat, thermostat housing, water pump, viscous fan coupling, engine-temperature sensor and radiator cooling fan.

Electrical system

Alternator, starter motor, ignition coil, relays, electronic ignition module and distributor, cooling-fan motor, oil-pressure sensors, temperature sensors, fuel-tank sender unit, electric-window motors and switches, central-locking systems (not including wiring), wiper motors and switches, washer motor and pumps, headlight motors, multi-switches, instruments, brake-light switch, reversing-light switch, clutch switch, heater-fan resistor, heater-blower motor, horn, ECUs and airbag system (not including wiring).

Engine management

Knock sensor, MAP sensor, airflow meter and sensor, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, oxygen sensor and TDC sensor.


Cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder-head gasket, cylinder bores, oil pump, crankshaft, crankshaft bearings, connecting rods, big-end bearings, small-end bearings, gudgeon pins, pistons, piston rings, camshaft and camshaft followers, camshaft bearings, rocker assembly, push rods, hydraulic lifters, inlet and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, inlet and exhaust manifolds, timing gears, timing chains, timing belts, tensioners, flywheel, auto-drive plate and starter ring gear. (Please note that oil seals are not covered.)

Final drive

Differential assembly, driveshafts including CV joints, prop shafts, universal joints and couplings, driveshaft bearings, wheel bearings and hubs.

Fuel system

Injectors, fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulator, auxiliary air valve, idle-speed control valve, stepper motor, EGR valve and throttle body.


Steering rack and pinion, steering box, steering column, power-steering motor and power-steering pump.


Coil springs, ball joints (not including any on anti-roll bar links), shock absorbers, air springs, suspension compressor and pump.


All parts inside the transmission casings and transfer box (not including seals and gaskets).

Extra cover

Depending on the terms and conditions of this warranty, we have extended your cover to include the following benefits.

Turbo system

Up to £1000 (including VAT) towards repairing or replacing any factory-fitted turbo-system parts (not including hoses and pipes).

How to claim

If your vehicle develops a fault which may result in a claim under this warranty, please bring it to us. We will deal with the administrator direct and you will not have to pay for any work covered by your warranty (depending on any claim limits and excess that may apply).

If for any reason it is not possible to bring your vehicle to us, please contact the administrator on 01522 513833 for advice on finding a suitable repairer. Please remember that the maximum third-party hourly labour rate shown on page 1 will apply. This may limit the labour costs you can claim on any authorised repair, and you will be responsible for any difference in the labour costs if we authorise the claim. You will need to give the garage permission to diagnose the fault, then ask them to call the claims team on 01522 513833 with the following information when they have confirmed the cause of the fault but before they start any repairs.

  1. Vehicle registration number
  2. The current mileage
  3. The fault reported
  4. Details of the parts that need replacing
  5. Information on costs for both parts and labour

Please note: Sometimes we may need you to bring your vehicle to us or our recommended repairer for a repair covered by your warranty, instead of using your local garage.

In all cases, you are responsible for giving permission to diagnose the fault and you will be responsible for all costs until the administrator issues an authorisation number. If we accept your claim, we will pay all reasonable charges for work that was necessary to find the fault (diagnostic charges).

The administrator will issue an authority number on our behalf for the amount of the claim they agree to (depending on any claim limits and excess that may apply), but they are not responsible for paying any claims.

Invoicing and paying authorised claims The repairer should send an invoice in our name (Ashdene Garage Ltd) to the administrator's office by email to The administrator will confirm the claim and ask us to make the payment. If it is not possible for the repairer to email the invoice to the administrator, they should post a copy to: Crystal Clear Warranty, PO Box 4, Lincoln, LN3 4DE. Please make sure the invoice is made out to the correct name (Ashdene Garage Ltd) as the payment may be delayed or even prevented if it is not.

If you use a garage other than us, and the repairer insists that you pay for the work up front, you may have to pay the bill and then send it to the administrator. The administrator will then ask us to refund you the amount of any agreed claim (depending on any claim limits or excess that may apply).


Repair work must not begin until the administrator has agreed the claim. If you do not keep to this condition, you may not be able to make a claim under this warranty. If you have any questions about any of the above, please call the claims team on 01522 513833 for help.

Contact details

Claims phone number: 01522 513833
Postal address: Claims Department, Crystal Clear
Warranty, PO Box 4, Lincoln, LN3 4DE